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Hello !

So, I'm back with some news. The last time I wrote something here, it was about some progress on the characters' specs. I also talked about the next big task, which is the implementation of skills, and fighting system. And I worked on it :
- First, the basic figures of the character are now loaded depending on its level. The level limit is 40, for now, but it will be increased.
- Talking about leveling, the skill tree is now a little bit more finished (I mean, on the functioning side). Indeed, the player can see how many skill points are remaining, and use them to lvl-up its skills.
- And the skills are naturally the following task. I implemented two buffs, plus an attack skill. Theses skills need to be polished, but the base is here.
- To fill in the fighting system, I added two basic attacks. A small attack, and a greater one. The second one is dealing more damages but is slower. (Classic, but always good to let the choice between to types of attacks)
- But all these actions can't be a complete basis withtout the damage displays. It tooks me some time to find a good font, and an effect to give some strength to the fight, but the GUI part is almost ok.

The next things to add are the following :
- More information to display (rage cost of the different skills) ;
- Complete the first skills, and implement the other ones ;
- take the notebook, and think about the clear and definite content of the game.

Any advice you can give is good to hear ! Thanks for reading and see you ! :)

(You can see my entire progress on this game here, or follow me on my facebook page here)
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