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Don't mind me, I'm just here for attention.

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Not for me. Well. Okay, for me. But also for this game called Collectible Card Crawl. It's kind of a rogue like. You have a lot of cards, and these cards build dungeons which you explore. And the cards are also your equipment. And inside the dungeons, you find more cards. It's like you were playing Magic the Gathering and The Legend of Zelda at the same time. And then you take some extra cards you found in the dungeon to the card shop and exchange them for a fancy new card of sharpness++, and you play that card on yourself so that you can deal extra damage with your sword. Which is also a card. And the monsters you're fighting were spawned by drawing cards from a monster deck, but you slipped some extra cards into that deck so occasionally the dungeon spawns a friendly balrog instead of an angry skeleton warrior. And the balrog beats up the other skeletons for you. And then you get to the boss room, and the boss was also chosen from a deck, and you got to pick all the cards that go in his loot drop deck for after you beat him, but you don't actually know which item he will drop. It had better be a good one because the next dungeon is being built from the desert deck and you saw a bunch of sand dragons in the monster deck and those guys are tough. Like, super tough.

So that's Collectible Card Crawl. It's a dungeon crawl and a collectible card game.

I'm going to talk about that. Mostly the code parts because I have not yet attracted the interest of a suitable artist. I'm in the early stages right now. I'm going to talk about using C# as a scripting language, and probably a bit about monogame, and about rule-based programming, and how I'm using it to create cards and items that interact in diverse and complicated ways.
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Good luck, I like the idea! I've found the concept of combining card collection with other forms of gameplay extremely interesting, like Battleforge a few years ago. I hope you have success in finding an artist though, because card games really make a lot of their appeal via artworks.

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Sounds like a good idea. I look forward to reading about it.


For developing the cards/game rules, it might be best to start out with paper/pencil, write up some cards, and play around with the game.


Also, have you thought about Unity instead of MonoGame? Since you have a decent idea for a game, you might be able to make it faster with a full engine and concentrate on game logic instead of framework code.


Checkout http://www.cardhunter.com/ for some inspiration too.


- Eck

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Oh hi. I did consider Unity. But I don't see why I should skip the part I enjoy most to rush into the part I don't.

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