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Provinces management engine

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We continue in detailing the mechanics of the turn based management game component by analyzing what happens, step by step, with the start of a new turn.

  • Refresh effect of already occurred events, Apply events that were determined during the previous turn

  • Evaluate food effect (abundance, starvation, effect on happiness and population)

    • Evaluate province stability (chance of increase or decrease in rebellious activity)
      Chance of rebellious activity increase :
      (100-(Authority/2)-(Happiness/2)+Province modifier(province innate modifier)+Neighbors modifier)
      Each neighboring region owned by the player has a bonus of 3, by the enemy a malus of 3, by the rebellion a malus of 1.

    • Determine increase or decrease in rebellious chance

      • If increase : Rebellious activity +=Random(1-5)

      • If decrease : Rebellious activity -=Authority/10;

    • Determine the occurrence of Rebellious events in the province
      (Random roll 1-100 and compare with the Rebellious activity value)


      • If roll>rebellious activity then no event occurs.

      • If roll rebellious activity

        • Determine the occurrence of random events in the province (TODO)

          • Check province production (resources, gold, research)

          • Check espionage detection of incoming events (TODO)

        • Actions in the province during the turn :

          • Take action to solve ongoing events

          • Take action to prevent ongoing events (if detected)

          • Build one asset in the province

        • Civilian settlement :

          • Food - Each unit of food sustains up to 5 units of population. Lack of food has a chance (50%+5% per each unit of food missing) of causing starvation and decrease the population (population decrease value 1-10% of the population). Abundance of food might (50%+3% per each surplus unit of food) increase the population (population increase value 1-10% of the population).

          • Population - Determines the size of the settlement in the region.
          • Gold production - This is the amount of gold that flows in the player's stashes from the province at the beginning of each turn.It is based on the province natural richness, the size and type of settlement, the governor's skill and the presence of a market (that generates bonus gold production from the resources production).
          • More on this topic will follow in the next days....


Emiliano, H&R

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