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No chance, to indie

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Adam M. Snowflake


So recently I got permission from Lewis Lovhaug to put his character Linkara in chibi Brawl. A video game I'm working on where all profits go to charity. It's a very frustrating project. Not because I'm doing a lot of work for no profit. But because no one outside of Lewis with any sort of a fanbase wants to associate with the project.

I've emailed a big charity that has yet to respond, most likely do to how small Braincake Productions is. I've had people tell me, that this game will never happen or never work with such a small team. I've had people say, wait, a few years, I've had people say it's pointless.

I've had people feel it was a "bad idea" to associate with us, because of how indie we are...and you know what? I get it. I completely understand. I'm not even being sarcastic as I say that.

I mean what would you do? You have two companies in front of you that want to license your character. One is a project for charity where you receive no compensation called (insert generic name here) and the other's Nintendo, who will pay you alot, for your character. Who would you choose?

I mean that's practicly my scenario here. I understand why people don't want to associate with Braincake Productions even if we are doing a game for charity. But that doesn't mean I have to like it. My freind Jennifer says true charity doesn't exist. That everyone has an alternative motive. I guess I find that true to some extent. I mean if true chairty existed, this game would have gotten name brand characters or something of the sort or a game like this with major name characters would already exist.

I guess I'm just rambling at this point, and venting my frustration. It's hard to do something good, or something big, when no one will give you a chance, and I completely understand why, given my age and how small my company is, but still....its a shame...

Anyways this has been a bit of rambling from your favorite autistic 18 year old. read more about the project here attached is a picture of Linkara aka Lewis Lovhaug's character who he has given us permission to use:

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