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Stress and custimization

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So I've been working on creating a team for chibi brawl, and outside of a desperate need for 3d modelers (Omar's a saint) we're pretty much good. I mean we need a few more characters, but I've sent out all the requests that I can send. It's a bit stressful and a bit frustrating being 18 and running your own company, which is producing a game that makes no profit for said company.Again all profits go to charity. Which is a good thing, maybe not for the company but certainly for the charity. Plus its my company and I'll do what I want with it.

Whatever, its just I get stressed easily. I mean no one wants to give me or Braincake Productions a chance...again like I said in the last entry I understand that. But it doesn't mean I have to like it.

Regardless I hope we get the rights to some name brand characters soon. If not well...that's okay we'll work with what we have. It's just a shame I can't get many famous characters outside of Sherlock. I mean we have a pretty good set up right now, just we need more characters to complete the game, especially with the new plot's I have in mind.

Anyways on to character customization. My lead programmer says it will be fairly easy to implement character customization, which is what I expected but was not sure about. This team we have is amazing, 3 concept artists, one 3d modeler, several other artist and 3 programmers now. I'm actually thinking about making a skype group.

Though I am a bit unsure about that as a moment.
Anyways back to character customization I want to be as inclusive as possible, make disabled characters a possibility, make natural hairstyles and skin disorders a possibility even include hijabs if it won't get me in trouble. But i do wonder...about...never mind. Look I've rambled enough that's all for today I guess. Bye -Adam
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