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Money, Games as Art, Worries, and Characters

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Adam M. Snowflake


We've contacted Saint Judes, who I doubt will choose to work with us. Most likely we will contact children's healthcare of Atlanta, and see if they will work with us shall Saint Judes, decline.

I guess it's time I let people know that. I was afraid it would keep them from working with us,if I let people know that but at this point I'm afraid they will not choose to work with us.

Anyways, I'm having Kathy monitor Gameplay. She's a huge Gamer Girl, and knows her fighting games. She's brilliant that way. Even though I play video games, I haven't played as many as I could have. I have more fun creating and making games, then playing them. I have the attention spand of a squirrel. Then again a squirrel can probably pay attention better then I.

Anyways I do consider video games to be an art form. Extra credits showed that to me, who I was introduced into watching through watching confused Mathew.

I find it to be fascinating, how you can say that an interactive experience is just "made for fun" rather than an art form such as other experiences that are also interactive, such as a play or even some books.
That is to say, that to disregard games as art, is to completly disregard an entire form of media.

But I digress. We're planning on adding Zorro to the game. We're figuring out how to incorporate him. Because he is a popular person of color, who's also the world's first superhero. So I want to incorporate him. I want a racially diverse game, I don't know If I've mentioned that.

His race is a huge factor as to why we're adding him, and no it's not to be "Politically correct" or whatever nonsense that excuse is.

It's more so to be inclusive, and make sure everyone can see themselves in a hero like them, when playing Chibi Brawl. I mean as much as my game has been compared to super smash bros, Smash is really not inclusive in terms of it's skin tone variety....

Then again I am a white guy, so feel free to disregard these ramblings.
I'm thinking about contacting a news station about this game. I mean it's pretty interesting when you think about it.

A white autistic 18 year old, starts a company that makes no profit then turns around and makes a game for charity where his company makes no profit from...again all profits for this game go to charity.

Also as far as character customization goes, I want to be inclusive in that regard as well. But the issue is that I'm afraid what that'll do, for example I was told some Muslim groups would take issue if I put a hijab in the game. Which is a shame because I play on putting Kippah's in the game (I'm Jewish) and I want to treat Islam with the same respect I'm treating my religion. But I don't want to accidentally be disrespectful and I'm afraid it may come off that way...

Also we're currently negotiating the rights to some very nostalgic characters for this game. I love a certain book series and we might, just might, get permission from the company to use the characters in said series.

If that happened this game would blow up, and we would raise a lot more money for charity.A while ago we contacted Hiveworks about messaging their authors about giving them an opportunity to support this game, and they said no, because we're not "an established charity" and because we're "a small budding company"

So it does, worry me if Hiveworks declines me that this other company that is far bigger than Hiveworks ever will. I really want popular characters in this game so I can help raise more money for our selected charity.

I've even contacted Smosh, about including them in the game. They have yet to respond....

Most people I've messaged have said no, and if not no then left me hanging.

Again we're small I understand that, and they get nothing out of this, but I had at least hoped that...their would be more people willing to do this for charity. I guess that's all for today. Thanks for listening, if anyone even is....

Below is concept art of Valerie.
-Adam Snowflake
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