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Fluffy Friday #5: Concepts Art and wallpapers to download!

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[font='lucida sans unicode']Bite sized news for small stuff. Today: Concepts Art and wallpapers to download!

Hello fox riders and welcome to another installment of our fluffy sweetness. If you missed our monsters last time you can check them here.

Fluffy Friday #5

[color=#333333]Today, we'd like to take you back months ago when Epistory was nothing more than a tiny idea in our heads. That idea needed to be exposed to the rest of the team. That's when the concept artist joins the party.[/color]

[color=#333333]The concept artist is a 2D artist who explores game design with concept art of characters, monsters, and environments. His work contributes to the visual direction the game will be taking for the rest of the team, even if it's 3D game.[/color]

[color=#333333]So, our 2D artist drew a couple of concepts to allow our 3D artists have a better vision of what kind of assets he should create for the Game. Here is concept of Epistory paper look and how it looks in 3D.[/color]



The paper look was definitely a key point for Epistory but sometimes you just need to convey a feeling and you come with things that tell stories just like this one:


You can download the wallpapers here.

Hope you felt the magic. See you next week for another incredible Fluffy Friday!

Have a great week.[/font]

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Looking amazing as normal. Probably going to have nightmares about those spiders now though smile.png

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