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Snaily Updates

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Liza Shulyayeva


I was going to try to remember all the things I've done in the last month on snails, but this seems impossible. So here's a lazy list of git commits within this time:

* 5 seconds ago, User messaging and cause of death [deploy:development]* 4 days ago, Some race view fixes, test out increasing AMR for wild snails since too little energy is being burnt during races. [deploy:development]* 4 days ago, Cancel races that have been unfinished for 24 hours, freeing up others to rent the race jar. [deploy:development]* 5 days ago, Remove old unneeded Minion and Latchet stuff [deploy:development]* 5 days ago, Remove unneeded logs, remove old breeding stuff that is no longer required with the brain [deploy:development]* 5 days ago, Fixes and cleanup, new racing jar in seeder [deploy:development]* 5 days ago, Remove start countdown from finished races, fix race result view [deploy:development]* 5 days ago, Fix race finish [deploy:development]* 5 days ago, Bug fixing in racing and memory saving [deploy:development]* 6 days ago, Admin option to return foreign snails to owners, get parent jar [deploy:development]* 6 days ago, Racing refactoring; stop destroying jars since we'll reuse them [deploy:development]* 7 days ago, More flexibility for historical event logging; correctly represent snails trying to mate with items [deploy:development[* 8 days ago, Substrate item creation fix [deploy:development]* 8 days ago, Gather snails to middle of jar, more exact movement, seed race jars for Mr Casinir [deploy:development]* 2 weeks ago, Ability to humanely euthanise eggs in jar [deploy:development]* 2 weeks ago, Some safeguards for user entering snail in race before it was returned from previous race [deploy:development]* 2 weeks ago, Replace finished and started columns with finishDate, startDate. Auto refresh jar page when race has started. [deploy:development]* 3 weeks ago, Fix move check for jar view [deploy:development]* 3 weeks ago, use View [deploy:development]* 3 weeks ago, Fix swallowing, isolate mood update [deploy:development]* 3 weeks ago, Resident register [deploy:development]* 3 weeks ago, Draw gravestone under snail pattern [deploy:development]* 3 weeks ago, Add rainbow bridge page [deploy:development]* 3 weeks ago, Display estimated race start time [deploy:development]* 3 weeks ago, Fix fertility spray [deploy:development]* 3 weeks ago, Fix bank link [deploy:development]* 3 weeks ago, Only list items user owns in closet [deploy:development]* 3 weeks ago, Fix for jar installation [deploy:development]* 3 weeks ago, Add bank hint to tutorial [deploy:development]* 3 weeks ago, Switch to Single log mode [deploy:development]* 4 weeks ago, CustomValidator [deploy:development]* 4 weeks ago, Stop comparing an item to itself... [deploy:development]* 4 weeks ago, User shouldn't be able to mix a substrate item with itself [deploy:development]* 4 weeks ago, Toggle disabling item action form elements on action select [deploy:development]* 4 weeks ago, Some item stuff [deploy:development]

I also decided to try live streaming Gastropoda development. I've only done a couple of sessions so far but it does help to keep me focused. Surprisingly enough a few people actually watch and ask questions. I didn't really think anyone would be that interested in watching someone code some weirdo snail app. It's nice because a lot of the "Have you thought about doing this" or "What about this" suggestions people have made are things I have thought of and/or already have implemented!
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Where do you do your live streaming and does it cost you anything? Can you tell me a little more about that?

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