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Oww...Cleaning the code.

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Hello !

Now that my passages are (almost) weekly, I can be a little bit more structured in my statements ! smile.png

So, the last time, I talked about my progression on the gameplay implementation, and more specifically about the dash skill. This skill is now available on my character, and I even added a visual effect to the knife throwing.


I made some overhaul progress on the project :
- I corrected a bug on the character clothes. Actually, they were visible only from one side. A little modification into the shader (on the Cull property) was requiered.
- Another bug affected the items' suppression. This functionnality worked well from the inventory panel, but not from the stuff panel. This is fixed.
- As I said earlier, the knife+dash skill is now properly working. A little effect of "wind" is following the knife when the player throw it. (see the first picture)
- To complete the dash skill, a mark is now laid on the enemy's head, if a dash is possible on it. (second picture)
- Once all these modifications has been done, I focused a while on the GUI. The spendings of the skills, the rage gains, and the buffs are now displayed in the same way as for the damages.
- I put a little blob projector on top of the character to display a little shadow below him. (second picture)


Now that all this work has been accomplished, I'm currently trying to improve the quality of my code. Separate the GUI scripts from the controller ones, and organize my code so I can go again on good bases. This part is very rewarding, and I like to work on the code, like this. Moreover, it's a part at which I'm not so good, so it requires a lot of research on good practises in Unity. The learning part is almost as rewarding as the code improvment itself.
The next step is to think about the game's content, in order to implement the quests and the monsters afterwards. But I guess that the cleaning of the code will take me some time, and the week will probably be busy with the content's conception.

Articles ?

Speaking of work, I'll soon have more time to devote to my project, and my wordpress, so I want to make some article on what I'm doing on my project. Because I think it can be good to share about one specific part of it on my site. Have you an idea of a topic which could be interesting ?

Thanks for reading, and good evening !

[color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=arial](You can see my entire progress on [/font][/color]this game here[color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=arial], or follow me on my [/font][/color]facebook page here[color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=arial])[/font][/color]
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