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Halted Progress

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Adam M. Snowflake


So since Children's and Saint Judes clearly are not going to work with us. We've reached out towards organizations that we know will approve. Such as the Trevor Project. It's a lgbt suicide prevention charity. I think suicide prevention is very important given how many times I've needed to be talked down from similar threats against myself. However now that we're donating to an lgbt/mogii charity this raises a few questions and issues. How many of our current team will be okay with this? The artists knew that this was a possibility, but many of the developers haven't asked. Most of my threads have stated that we will have lgbt elements. However...I do wonder however if everyone will still be on board upon learning that the money will be going towards a charity that will be focusing on such. It is a worrisome thought I'll check with my team soon.

I can really blame no one for this but myself. People were wondering where the money was going, and I told them, I probably shoudn't have stated the possibilities until we knew for certain, even if people were hounding me about it! However if we do donate to the Trevor Project it will give us a lot of lee way. For example we will be able to get support from lgbt blogs. And more from the queer community. That was a possibility but not a certainty before. I guess I'm just rambling. Regardless the money is going towards a good cause in keeping people alive.

Which was always our intention to some extant. Below are some level designs as well as a colored drawing of Sherlock Holmes.
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