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One project in stand by, other(s) in conception

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Hello !!

First things first, I'll now talk about my main project, the RPG. In my last entry, I wrote a TODO list. This list was about some code cleaning, and a lot of relflexion on the content of the game. The cleaning part is ok, and the content is still ongoing. But I dealt with other matters :

  • Finally, I could access my free animations on Mixamo. So, I imported a few, and I made some cleaning, again ! The animations are now ok. At least, for the main character.
  • Speaking about the animations, I worked a little bit on the speed of some of them. I really want to have a dynamic gameplay.
  • A particule system (still at the state of test) is triggered when an enemy is hit.
  • A food-bar is now visible, and the food part of the gameplay will be implemented the next time I work on this project.
  • A trail is visible behind the weapon.
  • Aaaand, I added a script to fade out the objects which are between the character and the camera. This make the game a little bit playable in the cities.

    Sooo, this is the last session of work on this project before some weeks, and there are several reasons for this. First, I must admit this project is driving me bored, sometimes. I still love this game, but I want to something else, at least for a few weeks. Then, I really want to make at least one game on mobile, a funny game ! An addictive game, if possible, and simple to do. I want to spend a short time on the development, but a little longer on the improvment.
    Lastly, it's summer ! And summer is the perfect season to be lazy, to write ideas, and to let the computer stay cold...haha. But, I'll work on some project, and I'll come back here to give you some news as soon as I have an good idea !

    Good evening ! =)

    [color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=arial](You can see my projects here[/font][/color][color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=arial], or follow me on my [/font][/color]facebook page here[color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=arial])[/font][/color]
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LOL, mobile. Addictive, simple, quick to develop, mobile... pick any one. ROFL. Maybe I'm weird; developing and playing mobile games bores the hell out of me. But yeah, you gotta do something besides slaving away on an RPG.

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Mmmmh, I can't disagree with you, but my experience on mobile is close to 0. For me, this is a reason the try this type of game.

Moreover, working on games is a hobby, so I can't spend to much time on a single project. Mobile games are short to develop, so I think it will be good to work on it, rather than slowly exhaust my motivation on a lengthy project.


Simple curiosity from my part, but you've never ever enjoyed developing a mobile game ? And, what is the most inetersting type of mobile game, according to you ?

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Canabalt, Sudoku, Mahjong.... those are mobile games I've played for more than 5 minutes. I found them more interesting than most. And they're just stupid puzzles and endless runners... tap, tap, tap-tap... haha. Thousands of them now, all the same. And there's games like Spaceteam; clever idea but if everyone copies it, boring. More interesting games (RPG, RTS, FPS) can run on phones/tablets but the UI sucks. I'd rather play serious games on a PC, and just read websites if I'm passing time on a phone/tablet (a horrible habit BTW).


I worked on a couple of "interesting" mobile games, mostly in 2012-13, a mini RTS and an RPG. It was always a struggle with small screens, touch input, cross-platform bugs/inconsistencies, and slowness. Not fun. These were all HTML5; native iOS/Android apps would only improve performance (and sales if you're stupidly lucky). I'd do native apps if I were starting now (or build them with Unity or whatever) but after my experience with mobile I've lost all interest. I haven't used a smartphone since... 2012?!


The RPG is Revel Immortal (an active work in progress). Try it on tablet or PC.. notice the mobile UI compromises.

Prediction 1: by the time Revel Immortal is finished, it'll be PC-only because smartphones are too small and tablets are dead.

Prediction 2: by the time all websites and apps have finished dumbing down to fit on 4" iPhones... smartphones will be dead. Revenge of the Netbooks, maybe. LOL.


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Yes, the main point is to find a clever idea. Or not, juste an addictive principle, as soon as you can turn it into an interesting game, with either a great artistic part, or a crazy touch.


I also think pc is a more suitable support for RPG and RTS. Moreover, I want to make a little game, not a big one, with lot of content to create. No great difficulty here, and maybe no originality, but I want to try it. 

For the cross-platform problems, it's true that there are many of them. But using Unity, I don't think it will be very complicated to do something suited for all Android phones. 


Mmmh, it seems very strange, on PC. The size is too zoomed, to my mind, but it surely can be modified if you decide to make it a pc game ? And I don't think smartphone can die and the next 10 years, people are too addicted to them. Even if it's for the commuting time, all these little games are played, daily. So I don't imagine smartphone apps sales stopping, or even decreasing. 


For sure, it's not for the sales that I want to work on it (at least at the moment), but it can be useful to know how to make a game on mobile. Talking about sales, I wonder if it's easy to make a lot of little apps, and to live on it.


Additionally, I find it funny to make it, just to play MY game in the transports haha.

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I see what you mean about Revel.. it's zoomed to screen width, including buttons. It's also slow and choppy in the latest Firefox. I'll mention it to the lead dev.


Mass transport, I've heard of it. biggrin.png I know it's a big reason for smartphones' popularity. But those tiny little touchscreens, and the incessant notifications (from work/clients, friends/family, random people on facebook)... just wait the novelty wears off or something better comes along (maybe like google glass or hololens). Mark my words, smartphones are a passing fad! :P  Also, emojis...

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