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Very busy...

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I actually have a job!

I've been very busy working as a software developer. I love my job so far and I am learning new things.
I was struggling looking for work but thank goodness that someone contacted me about a full time position in software engineering I.
Today, I am working and trying to start my own buisness.

Game Development :

SDL is a very interestings API. I've been practicing and learning SDL for almost two years. Did I learn anything? Yes. In addition, my C++ expereince has increased, too.

I made up my mind on following my dreams. I was not sure if I want to make games and fail on trying to start a company. However, I want to try and make my dreams happen. I always have this idea on starting a game development company and actually manage to make great games.
Thus, I need to come up with a nice company name soon...

Creating my first game engine:

It finally happened. My first attempt on creating a 2D/3D game engine. I was able to complete the 2D portion that has collision support but I ran into some bugs with the alpha color setup for the sprite. In addition, learning OpenGL can be another challenge. The reason why I am making a game engine is to increase my skills in C++ programming and some of us do believe that "practice makes perfect" .

I will post more thoughts and news this weekend. Thank you for reading!
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Congratulations on landing a developer position and good luck with your company! :)

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Congratulations. Keep the paid employment a priority while you build your own business. Advice from an older, cynical programmer there smile.png

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