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Introduction to the Game

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Hello everyone!

Been working on this game idea for a bit and would like to get some community feedback about it.

- Interactive NPCs, each with their own personal story and background
[indent=1] - Eventually using AI engine to guide their actions a little more specifically

- Futuristic Technology
[indent=1] - Set a couple of hundred years into the future, date to be determined

- Hundreds of planets and cities to explore
[indent=1] - Each with their own interests and goals

[indent=1] - Could live out your entire game on a single planet, and not get bored (unless you blow it up)

- Factions across the Galactic Arm, vying for power
[indent=1] - Factions can change leaders if one is killed/steps down
[indent=1] - New factions can arise, if there is a need for it
- Various styles of play
[indent=1] - Assassin
[indent=1] - Thief
[indent=1] - Enforcer
[indent=1] - Merchant
[indent=1] - Politician
[indent=1] - Pirate
[indent=1] - Smuggler
[indent=1] - more to come
- Player determined universe
[indent=1] - Actions of players define the way the different factions relate to each other, eg. starting a war between the Outer Colonies
[indent=1] - Every player is affected by these actions
- Fully destructible environment and buildings
[indent=1] - Drop a missile on the Enforcer's HQ biggrin.png
- Customisable Vehicles
[indent=1] - Spaceships, hovercars, ground vehicles, aquatic vehicles, mechs, etc.
- Every player gets his/her own experience
[indent=1] - Missions given by the NPCs that you interact with
[indent=1] - Choices you make determine how others see you, eg. being a wanted fugitive will get NPCs calling a sighting of you in to the local Enforcers

So there is the general gist of the game at the moment.
If you have any ideas or want to help out in any way, send me a message or comment and I will try and get back to you.

Definitely need a hand with the hundreds of cities tongue.png

Keep on gaming!
James H.
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it sounds great in theory, but i think its to big and ambitious to ever get made.

and even if its get made i think its probably to unfocused to work as well as it might in your head.

i think you'll be much better of focusing on just one of these systems.

like a space trading sim or a space combat sim where you're trying to play the different factions against each other.

i mean just one of these elements well is hard enough on its own, never mind balanceing them in the same game.


anyway just my two cents.

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Thanks for the two cents.

I really believe that this is possible if you can define it all using an algorithm and have a server that can host it.

The algorithm takes time to develop, and once i get a few proof on concepts done, I will try to raise funds for the project to get some more people involved.

I'm looking at fractal algorithms to generate the NPCs, but just need a bit of time to sort the kinks out.

The world *should* keep itself in balance after that, unless a radical terrorist NPC gets some crazy idea and blows up the planet.

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You describe a very high level concept (the algorithm) but the problems are in the details. Do you have any experience implementing this kind of thing on a smaller scale? I've been writing games for over 20 years and would have no idea where to even start implementing what you describe.

You say you have been working on the "idea". What have you actually done in terms of programming in the past? Reason I ask is you don't seem to have a realistic idea of what can be achieved by a solo developer working on a project.

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In the past I have implemented small portions of this 'grand plan', but the pieces on their own don't function very well.


I fully realise that this is a project I have absolutely no hope of completing on my own, but my goal is to create a platform that the game can be built upon, and then gradually modify the components (such as NPCs) in update packages.

I am hoping that once people see the idea, some other programmers/designers would be interested in joining the team, and then its a matter of exponential growth.


The only part of the game that I'm not too familiar with is the DirectX interaction, but I have had much experience in the past with C/++/# programming, so its just a matter of looking at what functions do what I'm trying to do.

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You must be in the phase where you're really getting the hang of programming and you feel a sense of limitless power, am I right? biggrin.png That won't last. You'll hit a wall of complexity. Your idea involves database, network, AI. You would definitely need help. Every developer you add slows you down and increases the chance of failure. But your idea is too ambitious; it's a red flag; nobody worth having will join.


Don't start huge projects when you're young, it'll wear you out. Keep it simple and have fun.


Maybe you could make a crappy looking, single player RPG version of your game. Just the high level details of places, factions, economics, stats to geek out on, and some kind of simplified combat subgame. There are people who would play that.

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I love it. :) Sounds like it'll be loads of fun when you finish it! I have a similar idea of a life sim set in a post cyberpunk world, but I haven't started on it just yet. It is certainly possible. Just implement one feature at a time. Game development is like building a castle with legos. Your ideas are the building blocks; all you have to do is assemble them! ;)

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