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KREEP, passing 40%.

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Hi everyone!

A bigger update this time. I've been working like a maniac this week, so a lot of progress ;). Based on my task tracking KREEP is close to passing the "half-finished" barrier...

First and foremost, I've implemented breakable props and added graphics for them. From now on the tile map is multi-layered, props reside on a different layer on top of the "base" tile map, but they still collide with the entities of the world. The KREEP and lasers break the props, swapping their graphic and disabling their collision.

gallery_228029_978_4054.gif gallery_228029_978_6067.gif

The other bigger task completed is doors. Doors will also influence game-play and map design just as much as props, since they are indestructible, but can be passed/opened any time by the players and the KREEP.

gallery_228029_978_2541.gif gallery_228029_978_1838.gif

The same way as the last two weeks, been working a little on tiles too. Here is a new experimental map featuring some new tiles. Warning totally WIP!


The final feature set is starting to take shape, so next week may be more about implementing missing entities and rules, than about new content, but I will try to take nice GIFs and screenshots too and I'll make sure to write down my findings about a recent private test session with my friends.
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It's looking really nice. What do you use for your task tracking?


I'm not sure how close you are to half-way done. Some smart-ass once said, "The first 90% of a project accounts for 90% of the time, and the remaining 10% of the project accounts for the other 90% of the time." But he was kind-of right. :)

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Hi there and thx!


What do you use for your task tracking?

Now I'm going to look weird, but I use a version controlled excel sheet + a TODO.txt biggrin.png...
I've seen/tried a couple of things both professionally and at home for my love children (e.g.: JIRA, TRELLO etc...), and I have to say these tools are irreplaceable tools when you work in larger teams, but at the same time, I feel like they introduce a lot of overhead and also take away a lot of flexibility from time to time.
I believe when you think small, nothing beats the flexibility of an excel sheet. Yeah yeah, it gets overused all the time, and for some stuff it is cumbersome, but: when I need a new column to extrapolate some progress, I introduce a new column, and when I need to take the average of something to check it's over time progress, or I need a new task to remember, I just introduce a new row. Dead simple and ridiculously flexible, the way I like it smile.png.
Similar reasons for the TODO.txt. I use it for "fine-control", to remember sub tasks or small tasks what pops up sometimes but I don't have time for them at the moment. Insanely easy to add/remove and prioritize small tasks in it...

About the 90%. Yes indeed, that is something, that I'm totally aware of biggrin.pngsad.png ...
To "battle it" I used in my last project a technique which kind-of-helps. I try to shift the tasks from the later part of development to the middle. At least how I prioritize them. So approximately towards the middle of development I lock down the features and re-estimate all upcoming tasks (I did this twice last time). Of course this is somewhat cheating since, with my final estimations 50 or 60 % is actually 70 or 80 % of the time spent using the original estimation, but it is the point when I finally put an end to "feature creep and polish tasks" and the original estimation is still somewhat followed. This way at least in the later part of development, when I say something like: it currently sits at 75% percent, that actually means something, and most of the development tasks are actually out of the way and from there my estimated project finish date is pretty reliable. Also it is much easier to judge stuff midway, than at the beginning.


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Well, it's not weird to me. I mostly use a Notes.txt file that I check into source control to keep up with my task list. When I get further along in my projects and the whole picture becomes clearer, I tend to go with a google spreadsheet. So don't feel bad. There's at least one kindred spirit out here. :)

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