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Starting EckTech Games and Wrapping up my Floating Combat Text Asset

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Personal Update:

During the early part of the week, I focused on preparing for my interview. I felt like I did really well, but they decided to go with the other candidate. Since I told them I was prepared to follow my dreams to become a game developer on my own, and they weren't sure how long they were going to stay focused on game development, I think they were worried that I might cut them loose if they steered away from game development. Ah well, I guess I won't have a salary for a year or two. But on the plus side, I won't have a full-time job getting in my way... Wish me luck!

Development Update:

For the rest of the week, I got my Unity Publisher page going, bought a website on wordpress (still very much under construction), and focused on cleaning up and polishing my Floating Combat Text asset. I wrote lots of documentation including a tutorial on how to extend the base effects that I provide. I spent a ton of time refactoring the code and deciding on good names and organization. I commented everything that needed commenting and now I've packaged it up and sent it to some friends to test it out for me.

I don't have any new features to show in a game play video, but I can show you my Unity publisher page...
Behold! EckTech Games:

Hopefully I'll be submitting my first asset before the end of the week. All of my efforts will be going towards that until it happens. I need to work with my wife on some graphics for the asset page. I need to record a few demo scenes to show off the features, and take a few screen shots. And I need to settle on a style and layout for my website. If I get done with all that, then I'll think about the next set of feature I want to tackle for my space game.

Tip from your Uncle Eck:

Unity doesn't have targeted build versions in its client. So if you're running version 5.1 and want to support an earlier version say.... 4.6, then you have to install Unity 4.6 and do all your work there. If you already did all your work in 5.1 it's kind of annoying because not all the work transfers with a copy paste operation. Scripts more or less work, but scenes, animations, etc. will need to be rebuilt in the appropriate client.
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Cool, I need floating text, but haven't gotten around to it yet. =)


Sorry bout the job.

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