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Winner winner, chicken dinner!

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Hi everyone!

As the next step in my game i have decided to anger various right-wing animal rights groups by testing out virtual weapons on virtual chickens. The next step in my game was obvious in that some form of combat was needed.

I have implemented a combat system based on the approximate swing arc of the sword (or whatever weapon the player is weilding) which deals a set amount of damage per swipe, for now. Each chicken or any other NPC listens to the "On Take Any Damage" event which allows it to be hit.


By default, chickens wander in a 100 unit radius of their original spawn location, unless injured, which resets their 'spawn' location and centres their wanderings on a new location. Hitting them also puts them into panic mode which can make them move faster and more often.


Alive chickens emit random clucking sounds every few seconds, and when killed a death animation is played for the static mesh and a death sound played at the same time.

It is rather hard to hit the chickens, as can be seen in the video below:

Questions or comments as always are welcome below!

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"right-wing animal groups"

Is there even such a thing?


Of course. flying animals have both a left and a right wing :lol:

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