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Playing with OpenGL

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I've done a lot of experiments in the last months. Tried a couple of prototypes for a 2d rpg in sfml, sketched some game design ideas, studied a bit of directx11 in opposition to my old love, opengl. Tried to learn something more in the shaders universe. Or just to understand a bit of them.

I did not put anything of this in the journal, don't like to announce any vaporware thing passing through my mind.

But I also realized that I was lurking a lot on the other's journals, and that my last entry was more than two months ago! So I decided to share what I'm doing right now. Just for the pleasure of sharing itself.

Since I realized how I prefer opengl syntax over directx one, I switched back to it. I'm creating a scene using modern opengl, core profile, shaders and all the stuff. I think this is the fourth or fifth iteration in this process (maybe more), but the good thing is that this time I have a really light codebase for loading/rendering and it seems I understood something.

Since I'm in love with rpgs, my scene is very fantasy-oriented. A cave. An hypothetical first map for an hypothetical game, in which you have to escape from a cell and find your way out through the small cave. All of this trying to achieve a low poly, flat shaded style.
I think it needs some more stalactites and pillars and details.

I'm also loving the process of thinking in terms of game design (modeling the map thinking at players movements, actions and fun, putting a feature only if it's needed for the (hypothetical tongue.png ) gameplay: a little challenge here, something to find over there, and so on).

Oh, I also grabbed Blender again and tried to model something. Models in the screenshot are mine.


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