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Brutal Soul-Crashing Dream-Destroyer Feedback required.

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I finally managed to put together a 6 level early build of The Most Poser Heroes.


Please, I need brutally honest feedback. Yeah, the one that destroys your soul and dreams.

Here is an old trailer, and here are gifs and screenshots.
Dowload (windows only): www.stochasticlints.com/builds/TMPH_0_5.zip

Things I'm interested in listening:

1] Tutorials: Did you understand how to play? Are they enough?
2] Difficulty: Is this a game you would clasify as hard?
3] Controls: Did they get in your way? Is something missing to let you achieve your goal?
4] Gameplay: Did you have fun? Do you see yourself playing further? What level did you reached before giving up? If the game was not fun, why do you think that is?

Any other suggestion is welcome.
Please ignore: Artwork and sound.
No music, so use your favorite playlist.

You can post your feedback here on the comments, or, if you want to curse and get personal, email: stochasticlints@gmail.com

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Recommended Comments

Hey there, first of all, quite an interesting concept to say the least. The tutorial is pretty straightforward, and starts off easily enough.  I played upto everything except what i think was the last level(since you said you had 6 levels), as i coudn't figure out how to slide down, and then keep going until i reached the hatch you have to open.  While learning what to do is easy enough, i think figuring out how to use it most effectively is a bit difficult.  There is definitely imo a bit of a learning curve to the game, not because of the tutorial, but just trying to figure out how the pose is going to affect you the most.  there is the helpful outline of what the pose well do, but i didn't quite find it helpful enough(or it wasn't always 100% accurate, not sure as i'd do an action it'd tell me i would slide down, but then my hand would get caught).


Controls: i think clicking and dragging around the map would be more intuitive then w/a/s/d for moving around.  although it's easy enough to remember, most of the game is mouse controlled, so to have keyboard controls added later on required me to resituate myself.  not a deal breaker or anything, i just think sticking with pure mouse might be better.


Gameplay:  Honestly it's an interesting concept, and you've made it easy enough to work with, but I can't say i felt like i was having fun, I don't want to be discouraging, I think something is here, but for what i managed to get through, i didn't feel like i was enjoying it very much.  Unfortuantly i can't be constructive and tell you how i think you could improve this department, as i'm not entirely sure what could be done to make it funner.  it's also possible it's not my type of game, so be sure to ask alot of people what they think.


So those are my opinions, I hope they aren't too bad, and I do hope you keep going and can find a way to turn it into something i might enjoy, but if other people find the game fun to play, then remember that you don't need to please everyone.

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Thank you!


Don't worry about being harsh. It's exactly what I'm looking for. I don't need motivation to keep going, I need feedback to see if I'm going in the right direction or running straight into a wall.

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I'll try to take a look possibly tomorrow evening, or Monday at the latest. The trailer looks interesting.

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1] Tutorials:

You may want to explain that the poses interpolate between keyframes. End users don't usually understand that kind of thing. They'll expect a pose to happen at the moment where they placed it in the timeline.

2] Difficulty:

This isn't "hard". There's no way to lose. It's frustrating in some places.

3] Controls:

There are some mechanical issues. I can't grab the IK targets when they're offscreen, and every time that happens I'm at an edge that I can't scroll past. Wider margins around the play area would help prevent this. I found myself using the IK targets often for expansion but positioning limbs manually for everything else. This was sometimes difficult because limbs can obscure one another. I don't really know what to do with that apart from stating it here.

4] Gameplay:

Overall it's innovative, but honestly doesn't feel like a game yet. For users who have never used animators before it may feel like a game for a few minutes, but I think you may want to try and come up with some more mechanics to maintain interest.


Some specific things:

  • Be much more clear about mission objectives. (Use animations?)
  • Make the early missions a little longer. (In the helicopter especially.)
  • Cut scenes are a poor reward for success. Try to think of better ways to reward the player.


Hope that helps provide some direction.

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