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Beta 21 w/ skinned meshes released!

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Beta 21 w/ skinned meshes released!

guys look kinda dumb, girls aren't that pretty, the guy walk ani is kinda awkward (leg bones rotated outwards too far), no action animations or drawing of equipment yet other than weapon in hand, but its a start!


action animations and drawing equipment is next. I'll clean up that guy walk ani too. i found an unbelievably beautiful female head while looking for PD skinned meshes, which i plan to try and "Dr Frankenstein" onto a body. plus i also have the pretty girl heads from the rigid body models. Good looking guys - not so much luck. Just ultra high poly stuff i cant use - such as my original rigid body guy - the search continues. Just like a writer / producer / director in the film industry, i want/need/should use the most photogenic actors. My players deserve no less.
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