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Home made arms

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So the problem with those wonderful detailed arms from MakeHuman is that they are impossible to rig using Charm, since it is designed as a low-polygon editor and hasn't (yet) got any support for fancy weight painting. Gave up and made a set of my own deliberately basic arms, so I can at least start working on the actual programming side of working with them, just as a placeholder:


Here they are in game, in a rough attempt at holding a bow and arrow. Planning the bow to be a separate model that is attached to one of the arm bones at runtime which should be easy enough.


Can't decide at the moment whether to have a separate model per arm of have both arms as a single model, as it is at the moment. I can see advantages and disadvantages to both at the moment.

My current animation system is only set up to do cyclic animations, so I need to figure out the best way to extend this to support the things I need here, for example transitioning from one key frame to another then stopping, or playing a kind of "run in" animation, then entering a different loop once completed and so on. All my own work, the animation system, so very easy to extend, just a case of figuring out what features I need.

So not massive amounts of progress. Keep getting distracted by adding features and fixes to Charm as I'm using it at the moment. Found some horrendous bugs with the undo-redo system recently which are now fixed, and just added a feature to re-order the joints/bones from within the interface.

Thanks for stopping by.
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