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First prototype for Tank Tactics game

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So I finally got around to uploading a new prototype to the web for people to look. After doing all the work for the pathfinding with a turn radius, I didn't really like any of my initial schemes for then turning the turret toward a target, aiming at a specific spot on the target, calculating cover (I thought about render to texture for a fuzzy analysis, I'd done it before in an XNA prototype). So, I thought about doing it Valkyria Chronicle style, and here's the attempt. It's still really rough around the edges.

Basic Controls:

In movement mode (default):
Left click to select a tank, right click to select a new location, hold down right click to choose a final direction. You can also click and drag the transparent tank to move the destination around, or click and drag the arrow to change the direction. Click the Checkmark button at bottom center to confirm a move, or left click on the ghost tank.

In attack mode (after hitting the attack button with a tank selected)
Mouse look, mousewheel zooms, left click to fire, right click to back out to movement mode. This mode is still rough, I want to give a meter of turret rotation points, limit the up/down, add inaccuracy depending on the movement mode selected on the tank.

And of course, damage modelling. There is almost none. I've added track colliders =) Now it's pretty snazzy what I do have, I check the armor at the point of impact, adjust the armor thickness based upon the angle of impact, and adjust how far the shell will continue to penetrate after impact based on how much penetration value remains. But you wont' see any of that, because, as I said, only the tracks have colliders, and I also don't do anything with that info...yet.

My basic plan there was to add a collider per point of interest, but that got kind of messy, I think I'm going to move to a texture map. I don't' have a simplified hull, so that's going to kind of suck for perf, but oh well, turn based. Though I suppose I should learn to use a modelling program. After modelling the armor/collision model, I also need to add some components inside, like the engine, crew, etc. I also need to model HE / HEAT, etc.

*Also, the tank is just some freebie one from the Unity Asset store. I still haven't decided if I should go sci-fi, or try to come up with a setting that involves WWII era tanks.
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