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KREEP, calm before the storm.

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Hello there!

While I was preparing my greenlight page material, I realized, that I did not share anything about the KREEP itself so far. At least visually not much. What a shame, it is kind of a main character (antagonist), should deserve more from me smile.png. Also lately I had some tweaks in its palette and animations so it kind of reached its final-ish state.

Here it is in it's glory devouring the place:

This was captured right after starting a test level with two players. Only mentioning this because, both the player count and the size of the devoured place (+ passed time) influence the spawn speed and the number of simultaneously occupied tiles.

Another thing I was not posting too much are screenshots. I guess GIFs are just more fun to create wub.png?! I've been building some levels for capturing more varied game-play footage, so this is the best time to share some pics:

A deep space medical station.

A smaller fighter ship.

Br, onto the video!
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Looking good. What software do you use to build animated gifs?

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Looking good. What software do you use to build animated gifs?

Hi Eck! I think you've already asked about that, or I haven't answered your question correctly last time?
In, that case sry :(, I'll go into details this time to make sure I cover the topic!

GIMP 2.8
I use GIMP for drawing and animating my sprites (drawing the sprite-sheets/atlases). I really don't want to go into a flame war with this, I would like to simply point out my opinion about it, that I can recommend it because it is a capable software, it is feature rich and nothing beats free regarding the prize, but there are much much better tools for graphical editing. I'm planning a switch too, but so far comfort in knowing the software won me over. Not only talking about sprites or animations here. In every single regard it lacks some useful stuff (for e.g. animation features are almost non-existent and layer editing is still clunky...).

I use GifCam to capture GIF footage. I actually captured all these GIFs in my journal using this tool from the live game application, so no pre-set-up scenes or edited animations there! This is a really handy tool. Does one thing only (capturing GIF from your applications/desktop), but it does it better than any others I know of. Check it out, it is ridiculously easy and convenient to use. It simply just a self-evident app. The download link is a bit buried deeply on that site, so here it goes: GifCam-Download.

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You probably did answer it last time, but I forgot to click follow entry so I didn't get notified. :) Thanks for answering it a second time. 


- Eck

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