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Stuart: Shawn's Terrific Universal App for photogRaph Tweaking

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Stuart is a contrivedly acronymed Windows 10 photo editing app which I wrote during a recent Win2D app building exercise.  I’m posting it here because I’m pleased with how it turned out.  XAML + Win2D makes it really easy to do this sort of thing!


Where to get it



  • Use a rich set of image effects to tweak your photos

  • Apply effects to the whole image or just selected parts of it

  • Feather selected regions for smooth transitions

  • Runs on Windows 10 PCs and phones



Starting with this photo from a dawn hike on Mount Rainier:



Stuart can make the colors more intense:



Or brighten the foreground rocks and trees without changing the sky:



Or we can go retro:



Or completely stylized:


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