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The Week Of Awesome III

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The week of awesome 3 starts soon and I'll need a journal to post about my progress so I'm creating this one... I'm hoping the competition will push me to post to the forums more, get involved and carry on posting after it ends. I'd also like to see how much I can get done in a week, my projects are always large, too large usually and a fixed end date might do me good.

I'm not doing much to prepare, I have a small framework I have built up over the last year or so, it's all in C# and using OpenTK/OpenGL 4. It has some very simple graphics (mainly 2D), sound and AI examples I can hopefully build a game around. I've tested its still working today, the upgrade to windows 10 a few days ago does not seem to have broken anything.

I'm quite anxious, and will be glad to get started. Good luck everyone...
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