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Week of Awesome III - Part #1

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So the theme is "Death is useful". This actually matches an idea I had quite a time ago but never realised as game.

It boils down to a simple 3d puzzle jump'n'run, where you as the player get several lives to complete a mission. If you die your body may help or hinder you in your task. E.g. jump on spikes, die, new live can now jump on the body and continue on.

I hope to get some nice ideas on how to kill the player in useful ways smile.png

On the graphic representation: I used the flat 3d view before in a Ludum Dare game and it's ideal for this kind of game. Also, it's quite easy mathematically smile.png

Also, here's a picture of a hastily pixelled bunny as the player!

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This seems like a pretty decent interpretation of the theme. I imagine that one could potentially come up with some rather interesting and creative means for one's discarded corpse to prove useful! happy.png


(I've actually seen a game somewhat like this before, as I recall (on a site like Newgrounds or Kongregate, I think), but I don't recall how far they took the idea.)


[edit] I love the huge eyes one that bunny: they give it a terrified stare, a "deer in the headlights" expression that seems quite apt for a creature that's about to die, over and over again... ;)

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Yeah, I've seen that game too (but don't recall the name either).

Anyhow, I wanted the bunny to look cuuuute, but still get horribly massacred. It's for the higher good of course!

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