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WOA III - Free AutoSave Asset for Unity

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Hey everyone,

I won't be entering a game into The Week of Awesome III this year, but I'd still like to help.

I'm in the process of publishing my free Auto Save - Editor Extension for Unity, but I don't think my asset page is going to be approved before the Week of Awesome III runs its course. I'd like to make this available to you guys and gals before then. The extension just saves your scene and assets any time you run your scene. Here's a dropbox link to it:

AutoSave Asset:
(attached zip file to post so GameDev could track the downloads)
If you have any issues, e-mail ecktechgames@gmail.com. If you want to say thanks, leave a comment and rate my asset once it gets approved. smile.png
1. In Unity, go to Assets->Import Package->Custom Package and import the extracted file.
2. There is no step 2. You're done! Get back to work!

Now instead of tearing your hair out for losing hours of work and cursing yourself for not clicking the save button first, you can take the time to fill out the Unity bug report, restart Unity, and get back to work.

In a few weeks, my asset should be approved and be available here:

In the mean-time here's a link to my publisher page:

Have fun everyone!
- Eck
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Child labour not available this year? :P -- Keep flying mate and there is always next year, assuming the Core Worlds don't close us down.

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Heh. She's starting 3rd grade this week, plus I have some laminate floors to finish installing and some car repairs to deal with. I'm just stretched a little thin and couldn't give it as good a showing as last year.


I'm proud that we impressed you enough for you to remember that she did my sound effects though. That's really cool. Thanks Stormynature. :)


Tech Demo Video  of Toys: Guardians of Innocence (last year's entry)

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At least 10 downloads and no thank you's? You guys stink! >.<


- Eck

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I downloaded it! Very cool, tested and works perfectly!
This will come in hand when the Unity crashes! haha
Thanks Eck.

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