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"Death is Useful" - A game with a Necromancer Lich

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This is my first time entering "The Week of Awesome". For the "Death is Useful" theme, I'm making a game with a Necromancer Lich, and plan to address the theme in two ways. The first is obvious for a necromancer, making use of an opponents death by raising the dead. I also plan to make the players own death useful by recharging magic energy, and leveling up their abilities before returning to life. This might include a push your luck element, as the longer you stay in spirit form leveling up your abilities, the longer you're at risk of getting banished by spiritual enemies, ending your game.

I hope I didn't bite off more than I can chew with this one.


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Very interesting indeed! I rather like the risk-reward mechanic in remaining spiritual, increasing in power at the risk of being banished. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this comes out! ^_^

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Love the in-bred risk-reward, wish I had thought of something along these lines: I felt like working towards a 'dying is cool' was not fun, but I can see how this fits your game. Also, great implementation of a LICH!

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Thanks! When I thought of doing push-your-luck, a game called Bloodjak came to mind. It's a free game from a recent game jam, where you can't submit your high score if you die. When you're ready to submit your high score, you push a button to jack out, then you have to survive 20 seconds before the game ends and your score gets submitted. I think i'll try something similar while in spirit form, but based on leveling up your abilities instead of basing it on a high score. 


I felt like working towards a 'dying is cool' was not fun, but I can see how this fits your game.


I know what you mean. Having the players death be a good thing could be morbid in a very bad way if the theme isn't right for it.

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