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CodeMus Team: The Week of Awesome Day 1

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It's been a long day, considering the fact that I've been up almost all the time that this year's theme was announced. And I believe I can speak for my team members when I say that they too have been up and working.

The Theme:
The theme was easy enough to think of ideas for, being that it gives the developer much freedom on the art and graphics of his/her game. In short, our team agreed upon this concept: "There is a tyrant God that brings life to his world. To do this, however, he must give a bit of his own life. Soon after he creates the world he realizes a huge flaw in his plan, his creatures are dying! Every death drains from his life, for he cannot take back to lost life to empower himself.To keep them alive he has bestowed a life of following strict rules and regulations, to keep them alive as long as possible. The people call out to the spirits to save them and take their lives, for they want no longer to live with their tyrant of a God. You must save them!"
Not much gameplay has developed over this day, for I have throughout most of the day I have been working on the map. My friends IYP and newtechnology have also been at work. Newtechnology has developed a GUI system as well as a menu for the game.
Today has been a efficient day, I say, and I look forward to getting more done. Since now the static map(by this I mean buildings/props/etc...) is just about done, we can start to focus on the gameplay. Here's to another 24 hours of game development!
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So... Do the people go on to some other existence beyond the tyrant's reach, or upon death do they cease to be? This could be a somewhat grim setting that you've come up with... ^^;


I'm curious: what will the central mechanics be, and what obstacles face the player in killing everyone?

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You are a spirit that can control the map's NPCs. And you have to kill everyone on the map to defeat the turant god. And he will do everything to stop you. The game is a puzzle game, you need to find out how to prevent him from stopping you. You keep trying to find the fastest combination of deaths to kill everyone the fastest.

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