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Starting my new game Hackman!

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So today after reading load of great ideas for games by everyone entering Week of Awesome I got the urge to start a game. The idea is a pacman style game mixed with a game my brother made some 20 years ago on the spectrum +2. So you are Geoff a wood chopper that has to cut down all the trees before you get eaten by wolves or something. It will give me some time to look into A* for my ai which is something i have little experiance with.

I aim to complete the game with 5 levels, a high score board, a bonus level and a basic level editor within 2 weeks but hope to have it done in 1. You will start with 3 lives in normal mode 1 in hard and 5 in easy with the enemys getting harder to escape and time it takes them to start hunting lower. Ill have to decide on how the scoring works in how much you get per tree cut and how much you get per enemy killed maybe bonus points for more than one enemy killed per chainsaw(power pill). Ill again use C++, OpenGL and LodePNG with the window opening, shader program and texture loading functions I had from the TicTacToe game.
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come on Gooey, you could turn it into a WoA entry! =-) even if you don't, i'm glad the WoA inspires you to make a new game!

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I have slacked on my coding recently so I decided to get back in to it all with the simple startup games. I am going keep up with what's going on as some of the entrys look great! If I had more time I would have made something for WoA but it wouldn't be anywhere near as good as most of the ideas.

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