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Up in Flames

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Guess what week I find out my Unity install is corrupted?

That's right! The same week I don't have the spare hard disk space to re-install all 6 GB of it (x2; download and final installation). Not so long as I *want* a page file anyways. And the same week I only have 35 hours to sink into a contest project. And the same week I find out the 3-month deadline on a project at work is actually a 3-week deadline because the client doesn't know how to do "week of completion" math modulo 52, and instead did it modulo 48.

First time I put my damn neck in the contest pool, and life chops it off. Sorry, guys; I have to bow out.
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6gb? It was only 600mb when I looked 2-3 years ago, and I thought that was bloated!

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