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Week of Awesome III - Part #2

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I spent half the first day doing a bit of GUI all around which in the long run might actually have been a great idea. I really really don't like having to add GUI/menu structure at the last minute.

I'm trying to think of puzzles and on different ways to murder the bunny for puzzly goodness. In the current incarnation the bunny can be impaled on spikes and burned by fire. If you know your Wario Land you know what fire does to you smile.png

Also for other entrants: Know your limits, know the dead line. Don't plan too much or there will be ugly cutting near the end ;)

If only you reached that carrot up there!
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@JackOatley: Yeah, the background will pose a problem. I'll probably add some simple geometric item like in most casual puzzle games or some sort of carrot tapestry.

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