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Day 2: Time limit, menu, graphics updates

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I had a lot of homework today, so I had a bit less time to work on the game then I wanted.
The first thing youle notice is the better graphics. I am aiming for a "Radar" look, and I found the gimp "Neon" effect gives the perfect impression.
In the top right, you can see the timer. The timer counts down, and when it reaches 0, the game returns to the menu. I intend to put a highscore screen in between at a later stage.
A start has been made on the "Death" minigame. Now, when you die, the background changes to red, and if you die again it changes back. I want to make it so the normal enemies are hidden while dead, and very fast "asteroids" will fly at you from all directions, as well as a whole heap of coins.
I spend a bit of time also on making the invisible walls more visible. I am doing this by not allowing the view to scroll past the wall, making the player crash into the edge of the screen.
I also made a github: https://github.com/mousetail/WOAIII-mousetail
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