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The Week of Awesome III:Day 2

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Hello again.

Today I managed to get get the basics of the theme in, By "dying" you gain a helper (you can get up to 4 currently) which you use to defeat the opponets.
You can rejoin back to one if you have enough energy, Still need to work on that mechanic.

You and each helper you have can fire off a projectile that you will use to elminate the oponents.
I also have got the splash screen working, Which was a lot easier then i thought.

So overall it was a productive day.

Tomorrow i plan on adding the oponents with some basic AI that will move towards you and fire back when within range.
Also am going to see if I can get some health indicaters and what not in as well.
And need to get a good follow camera and unprojecting the cursor position, How hard can it be?...

So the game so far is that you play as a sphere that you move around on the terrain and fire projectiles to elimanate the oponents.
You can choose to get hit and "die" in order to gain a helper, But the helper will die if hit. so the helper is a trade off.
There will be sphere's for oponents + mines.

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