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Yesterday I got my idea for a game down on paper. Today I started implementing it.

The Basics

I'm using my own little framework and utility code as mentioned in the previous post, I have the basics (OpenGL Window, input handling and some structure to hold the game logic) in place and have started creating a map structure and simple loading mechanism. I'm using a tile system and for speed I'm loading the layout from a CSV file that I'm editing in excel. Its quite simple to plan out a test map like this.


To test it all, I created some very basic textures for the walls and floor. I lost time here as I kept starting again because I felt they looked bad but my intent was to create something quick anyway. I'm not an artist and there isn't much time so they may end up as the final art anyway, which is unfortunate.... Here's how it looks:


I'm considering two alternatives to my current graphics approach:

  • Use a more abstract look, have symbols for the monsters and adventurers: A helmet, dagger and wizards hat for the adventurers for example. Have the tiles look more like a real map.
  • Using a more blocky, colourful style, like I did for the mock-up in the previous, it looks much better for far less of my effort.

    I think either will be easier to do, give me more consistent results and keep me from being distracted from gameplay.


    There is a hard to notice character in the above screenshot, I have an adventurer placed into the map and walking forwards, he turns when he hits the walls until a bug causes him to get stuck in the corner. Its not much but its the basis of the gameplay. Now I just to have him interact with traps and monsters.

    That's it for day two, I need to sleep and be ready for a full days work on the competition tomorrow...
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reminds me of an oldschool roguetype


You've made me feel much happier with the progress I've made today!

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