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Automatic Squirrel-tasic

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I have no idea why I chose that as I title, but I like it. So this evening was actually rather slow, but everyone seems to be on the same page and happy now. The idea makes sense, it should be fun, it should look pretty and despite all that it'll be as stressful as always to complete!

So a fair bit of character art got done, including some pickups and enemies. I rethought the slope collision tiles a little bit and they turned out smoother and easier to use. I also got auto-tiling working, still a couple bits to do on the edges of the floating platforms, but the tricky bit is done. The tricky bit being that it's a 16x16 tile-set with some 16x8 elements to it (for the smooth slopes). But, now I've done that, it should be easier for Marc to do art for tiles without me changing the auto-tiling.

I hope to write some kind of story tomorrow, we have a general gist of it though, and maybe I'll show it in a later journal post. tongue.png

For now, here's a screenshot!
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o jeepers you changed your avatar! anyway, looking like a solid start!

Lol, only because that dog isn't a a puppy any more. And he keeps pulling my laces.

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