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Day 2

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We discussed some more mechanics and tried to do some scoping. Will probably have to reduce scope slightly later on, but we'll burn that bridge when we get to it.
We're hoping to end up with roughly 3 areas/levels, and some simplistic platforming abilities, for which we outlined the animation requirements.

The major mechanic in our game is going to be the ability to (at certain points) re-arrange the level as if it were some kind of jigsaw puzzle*, which I implemented a bare bones (bones, get it?) version of today.
I also worked on the camera system some more -- I did a bit after last night's journal entry, but it needed some more effort put into it.

In terms of story, we're thinking Death wants to feel more useful in normal life when he's not on duty. Death's not just a bad and cruel villain, but also a kind and caring Death, who likes flowers.
Death is also quite cute, as we can see from the artist's rendition below :)

Tomorrow will be getting some initial graphics in (hopefully!), as well as working on the platforming mechanics/movement/"physics".
Depending on how well things go, there might be a screenshot or short in-game video.

*Normal rules don't apply to Death; Death comes and goes without having to consider normal spatial relationships and dimensions.
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I do like what you've described here, and the style that you seem to be going for; that piece of art is lovely. ^_^



... bare bones (bones, get it?) ...

Death! Put on a towel, at least! D:

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