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CodeMus Team: The Week of Awesome Day 2

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Today has been another long day, with not as much done as we all would have liked.

We have a better idea now of what the gameplay will be, and have been thinking of the many characters. The gameplay is simple, take control of any living thing, and drive it to its death. The question is, how exactly do you kill it? I would give details but it is in fact a puzzle game, and that would give away a lot.

Here's a list of the characters: Village Commoner, Ho Gear Tech, a priest, a judge, a witch that lives at the edge of the island, a snake, a dog, and a fish. Each character can die in special ways, and contribute to the deaths of other characters.
As for the map I was able to "pretty" it up by adding terrain details and fixing any awkward terrain as well as adding a graveyard.
The menu's functionality was finished by newtechnology, but we make later on choose to finish the backdrop.
Progress today was slower than planned, but progress is progress. Tomorrow we hope to get much more done.




5am 2.PNG

6 am.PNG

8 am.PNG

4 pm.PNG

6 pm.PNG

8 pm.PNG
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