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Day 2

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Aaaaaaaaand the day 2 ends for us at (1:30 AM), we live in Brazil.
I went to the doctor and the devn00b to the university, so, we didn't worked so much today...

Today was the sprites day, we draw a lot of things and now we have a cool prototype working, with animations, traps, spawns, etc...
And we lost time (again), talking about windows and lava lakes.

Attached the first image of the game, I think tomorrow I can do a video showing the mechanics and the cool things biggrin.png

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I concur with the above; that is a rather cute art-style, I do think! ^_^



And we lost time (again), talking about windows and lava lakes.

Ah, it's good to know that you're keeping productive. ;P


(Not that I'm one to talk, arguably!)

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