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WoA 3: Day 2

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So, day three and we had some serious issues getting a camera + character controller setup and working. We went through 50 different possabilities and finally realized the issue was the model we were using came with a default camera script. This script was overriding our scripts when you ran the system. So... once we removed that script we were able to get the character controller + camera working!

Now that we have player movement we will be working to get the mechanim system working with our button layout. The primary controls will be:

  • W - Forward
  • A - Turn Left
  • S - Backup
  • D - Turn Right
  • Q - Strafe Left
  • E - Strafe Right

    Here is some video of the system in actual play:

    We have also added in the AI that controls the "Inquisitor Team". Right now the King (Death) leaves a vapor trail behind him that they can follow. If they catch a hint of the vapor trail they follow it until they either find you (and start attacking) or they lose the vapor trail (beacuse you were moving to fast or hid) and go back to what they were doing previously.

    None of the animations work with the control system yet (we had it working but had to remove them when we redid the entire system) but the hope is to get this in place tomorrow. Hope you like what you see and will show more off tomorrow!
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Hmm... At the moment it looks as though the humans will never catch Death as long as he keeps moving--but if you speed them up, it might be extremely difficult for the player to get away. Are you planning on having combat slow down the player, thus allowing the Inquisition to catch up, perhaps?

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Will you use limited-size environments to avoid the issue Thaumaturge mentioned?

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Well, this is only day one of the system being in place. The "balance" concerns are to be delt with later. The idea is that some of the AI will have the ability to reach him faster and slow him down with their skills. The King will not travel faster then them either, but he can gain speed boosts from eating other creatures (rabbits) or from a short sprint abiity.


That said, the enviroments are going to be much smaller. We want to have a small arena style area where the King must hide and avoid detection. He is very weak early on in the match but gains health, speed, and powers as he consumes life. The goal is to gain enough power to take out the team all together.

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Next year there'll be a rule specific for riuthamus: graphics points are cut in half for riuthamus' team to level the playing field for all other contestants. Your art looks so mighty fine... love it!

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