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The Week of Awesome III:Day 3

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Attempted to sort out my sloppy GPU resource handling by releasing
them on exit by properly using my material helper structure.
Then everything went black and I found out that I was not binding any samplers or textures to the pipeline.
So 5 minutes later I discover that I accidentally assigned the pixel shader resources to the vertex shader
in the material helper, Man I really need to double check this stuff.

But, I still have resources not being released :( , Luckily the resource handler alerts me to what I left lying around.
I just need to fix the resource handlers memory address of the resource because they
are reported as being assigned to the same address.

Spent ~3.5 Hours trying to find out why only the last sub player would respond to collisions with user pointer data.
The result of that seams to be that Bullet physics resets/corrupts the user pointer, So setting the user pointer
again seams to have solved the problem.

So due to the user pointer fiasco I am somewhat behind schedule :(
I am a little worried that I will have to setup a system to randomly generate levels in order to have a level that is not
the testing level.

Oh, And you judges sure seam to have your work cut out for you, Reading all them blog/journal entries and then reviewing the game.

Tomorrows plan:
Make the enemy randomly pick you or a sub to target.
Add some random obstical generation to the map.
Create the "Mine" enemy type, This could be fun.
Create the little surprise for killing the enemy sphere tanks(that's the current enemy type, will create more if time permits :) ).
Create some Tron like textures for the terrain.

Oh: And I am going to aim for a Tron like art style :)

So, Today's accomplishments:
Add AI sphere tanks that roll around and towards the player.
Partial support for targeting the sub players.

The enemy bullets are kinda slow, hmm maybe I could slowly increase the speed of the projectiles to insanity; Or not...

State of the game:
You a sphere that can roll around with sub players that gravitate towards you(need to improve that as they tend to go all over the place ).
You and each sub player can fire a bullet at a targeting sphere( which is based off the cursor position, Plan on unprojecting it for a follow cam ).
There is a test AI Sphere tank that will roll towards you when you are within N units and then open fire when close enough.
The AI tank appears smarter then it is due to the way in which it moves towards you when you are trying to avoid it.

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