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Adding some colour to the world

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So today I switched the mish-mash of character code over to a FSM instead. This was planned anyway, but when I tried adding something that would have required several checks in other places, I decided to do it now and save myself the pain. This should also make it a lot easier to add new interactions, and also the character code will be usable by both the player and enemies, the only different is where input comes from.

I also added some better tiles (these were made for another project a while back, though I had to add all the slopes and shades!). There's also a back layer to the tiles, my intention here was to make floating platforms still feel connected to the ground. Usually I don't try to rationalize things that small, but as each level is a single screen I think I can get away with it and it's good screen filler. I added a sun and some clouds (also from an old project of mine, all subject to change!). There's a HUD now too, it's very basic and will function in the same way as Crash Bandicoot does, for example, where you collect apples (here it's acorns) and when you collect enough you get a new life heart. When you collect acorns, they actually fly up to the icon on the interface to be counted. smile.png

The squirrel is nearly fully animated, Marc has done a great job on him as well as the other characters/enemies that I haven't quite implemented yet. I'll do a video tomorrow as it's quite late now, however I can manage another screenshot!

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