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CodeMus Team: The Week of Awesome Day 3

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Today we made a slight change in the game play, it was so slight that the game play changed from funny to scary and mysterious. Even though the change was so "slight" we didn't need to change any thing since no AI was done. now the story is:

You're wife was a biologist, she moved to this forest to study some rare creatures, never seen but talked about. When after 4 months
she stopped contacting, no one dared to help you find her, you were alone but you couldn't give up on her, so you moved to the forest
where she last contacted you. You came across a cemetery, there you felt dizzy and fell and you saw her telling you "dig a grave, bury yourself".

And yes there starts the story, but I'm not going to give it away. We needed to add a new map (not that complex), there is a screen shot down there. The idea of the gameplay is to solve the mystery, so it's more like a puzzle, and also a little real life like, think you're in the same situation, would some one tell you what to do?, no so the game will be built that way, you have a map, sounds, and the visual sense, don't worry intuition will be represented by the music so we don't leave any thing behind, now with theses senses you have to find a way to solve the mystery, use your brain.

You will be quite free but there is not much to do, so we will have a simple AI (and that why we changed the game play in the first place). Now how is the death useful? and what will you do to solve the mystery? well that's a mystery, so wait for the game.

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