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WoAIII: Spells and Doorways

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Day three has ended, and I'm running late--more than a day beyond my schedule, by my reckoning. It's a good thing that I have those two buffer days at the end of the week! (I hope that it's enough...)

Late or not, I'm not entirely unhappy with the way that my game is shaping up. I made progress on several fronts:

  • Basic level- and room- progression has been implemented, including the basics of a simple "tutorial level" that provides the player's first spell.

    • There is, admittedly, a bug in the door-placement; I think that I may know what the problem is, however.

    • Collectibles offer a selection of three randomly-selected weapons, from which the player may pick one.
    • Weapons now have their base functionality (although they don't yet do damage), and an on-screen GUI shows the player's collection of spells and the mana available to each.
    • Two simple weapons have been created: a rapid-fire spell and a spread-fire spell.
    • The player character now rotates to point towards the mouse cursor, which is used for aiming

      The following screenshot shows most of the above:
      [indent=1](The player is casting a rapid-fire spell; note that the second spell is the one in use, and that the first is still recovering mana after heavy use. The door near the top-left provides passage to the next room, or the next level in the case of the final room in the level.)

There are still no enemies; that I hope to rectify in the new day, along with more and more-complex weapons, and perhaps a better algorithm for picking weapons to present to the player (simple randomness produces too many duplicates, I feel).

If I'm not much mistaken, and if nothing intervenes, I should be able to release a simple prototype early (as I account things) in the new day.
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Looks neat smile.png


Quite a lot of planned features!

Thank you! ^_^


Heh, and yes, I do seem to have a fair bit on my plate! This is perhaps common in my competition entries--in part, I suppose, because simple games tend to not keep my interest as a developer for very long, and I have a liking for a degree complexity.

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I'm starting to recognize your level layout. Isn't this looking a bit like last year's entry?

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I'm starting to recognize your level layout. Isn't this looking a bit like last year's entry?

It is indeed (and well spotted)!


I'm taking much the same approach to room-generation as I did last year, albeit with a much more linear progression between rooms: where last year's entry involved navigating a level composed of connected rooms, this is a simple affair of moving from one room to the next, with no choices of direction. One my "nice-to-have" features is "side-quest" offshoots from the main thread of rooms, but those would likely still in general be linear things that conclude with the player back on the main thread.

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Looks like things are starting to take shape for you!

Starting indeed, I hope--albeit worryingly slowly. ^^;

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