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WOA III - Day 2-3

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Oh where to begin...the last 2 days have been complete madness but a huge amount of progress on the programming front has been completed.

Day 2
It was an interesting day but I am satisfied with the result, I was able to prototype the "fear" emotion and how to influence this. I need to further prototype this to see how fun it actually is going to be, if it isn't, I already have a backup plan that will be fun.

MusicboxDancer (artist) is picking up Inkscape at an incredible rate, she knows how to use that tool better than I do and she's only been making digital art for about 4 hours haha. That is great news for me though, I can focus on what I love and am good at; making fun games.

At the end of day 2, we are still behind I am afraid but the major mechanics are built so it is time to build onto them.
Here is a crappy screen shot that shows the progress at the end of Day 2 - brace your eyes!;

Day 3
Today was incredibly productive for me, the artist was out painting a real world painting in a class, I completed the following features;
-5 skills including invisibility
-Implemented an observer pattern so now there is simple communication between my mobs and the players units.
-Implemented visual cue's to the units you have selected (green ring under them).
-Fixed the major lerping bug so now movement is constrained properly.
-Implemented a map loader which generates walls with collision detection, as well as AI information.
-Implemented the ability for mobs to take damage from skills and when they die something useful happens.
-Implemented the ability for mobs to track you when you are not invisible, they will run to your last known location.
-Roughed out a quick level to explore some of the path finding issues

-Squadron selection is implemented but they cannot do anything except move around together currently. This needs more work though to induce unit spacing so they do not stack.

After today I feel like we are still behind based on my original schedule but I think we are over a lot of the difficult portions now. The next few days should be interesting and a real grind.

No screen shot today as most of the work was back end today. In the next journal I hope to have a video.

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Well done on getting so much done on day 3! That seems to have been a productive day for you. ^_^

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