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Week of Awesome III : Part One

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It's come near the end of day three for the WoA3, and I want to elaborate on what had happened since the start of the competition.

Prior to the competition start:

Circumstances broke my team up! I originally planned to work with my daughter and nephew, but they had other obligations this summer break. However, I will not be working alone since I have joined forces with Markypooch in team Pink Elephant. In this team I assumed my role as content creator where as Markypooch is the lead programmer.

Day 1:

We stayed up late Sunday night, drinking mainly, to wait for the competition's theme "Death is Useful." I find this theme interesting because it can be spun in so many different ways. I also found this theme to be difficult because it can be spun in so many ways. We called it a night and figured that we would have a solid idea later in the day. Evening came, and we still did not have a clue.

Day 2:

We determined that the game had to be simple, one level, no collisions or physics, and can be programmed while off work hours. While Markypooch was working at his day job, I drafted up a game concept in Blender. He liked it, and it is now game on!

Day 3:

My nephew may still help with sound effects. I tasked him to make about 30 sfx of various things.
Here are screenshots of our level I been working on. Note that these are only renditions using Blender's cycles.

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I feel largely overwhelmed by the in-house furniture!

No clue where you're going off with this in terms of gameplay, but looks great so far!

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hey, i'm glad your still competing(and as such markypooch is as well). i'm still quite curious what you plan to do! don't forget to post more updates in the competition thread for the participation points, and good luck!

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