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Week of Awesome III, Part 3: First build

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My game for the week of awesome is coming along nicely, although I don't think I got as much done as the last few days I still got quite a lot of new stuff implemented.

Firstly I've added checkpoints to the game. When the player now walks in front of one them, the eye of the figure on the grave will flash green indicating that the player is now respawned there when they get hit. And, while we are talking about the respawning, I've also made a respawning animation. The player will now rise out of the ground in front of the checkpoint. It still looks a bit silly without dirt particles, but it goes with the theme really well.

Secondly I've tweaked the movement of the player. I haven't released a build before doing this, so let me tell you what was possible before. It was actually possible to jump up walls by holding the arrow key towards the wall and rapidly tapping the jump button and the other arrow key. So I had to remove that of course. (I sincerely apologize to any speedrunner reading this.)

As for technical details, I've also implemented a reload button. This reloads all the assets and the level file itself but keeps the position the player is at. This allows for rapid iteration of level designs. It's something I like to do with each game I make.

So I've made an initial build of A Death a Dozen and you can download it here. (Version 0.0.1 had a bug.)

There's only one level now and no sounds yet. The game doesn't seem to work on nVidia cards. I will try to fix this quickly.
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Wish I could've tested, but I'm currently running off a MAC.

Can't wait to see this one!

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Thanks! Although I've made builds of Python applications for OSX and Linux before I don't think it'll work yet for my game library. Not that it matters much, all the judges have Windows installed on their machines. 

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