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Keeping up with WoA

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Esteban Lopez


Hello all. Allow me to apologize in advance for this will be a short entry today.
Reason being, even though we are trying to keep everything simple, we have been running into minor problems that are unfortunately affecting development. Hopefully by today everything will be cleared and we will get actual game play going on.

We have added some music and sounds that we consider make the game more interesting and adds a bit of humor too, however chances are these assets will not be final, so I will not credit anyone right now, will do it ad the end when the project gets completed.

Other thing that we didn't take into account is college. Justin and I are both going to college and things are turning pretty hectic there too, with projects and deadlines, I feel like this was a mistake on our part because we did not take college into consideration when planning the schedule for the game...

Oh well, hopefully everything will turn out great, I wish everyone luck in here. Until next time!
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good luck to you, hopefully the next few days won't be too hectic for you!

also, remember to post a link to this journal in the competition thread when you get a chance!

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