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The Week of Awesome III:Day 4

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Hello one and all :)

I've now got the Mine enemy type working, He will roll towards you when you get within range and affects you.
I want to make the mine do some kind of explosion by scaling it up for a quarter second or something.
Oh, And you can destroy the mine by shooting it.

If time permits or I get too frustrated with something or other I might try working on applying a colour cast
to the objects with a mask to indicate various stuff like: Energy level, Immunity duration, Enemy weapon heat.

Tried to add AntTweakBar in but was causing some kind of infinite loop
or something with the game loop; So it is a no go right now :(

accidentally added a recursive enemy, Killing him causes more to spawn, Hmm maybe he could be the final boss?
Today's accomplishments:

  • Added the rolling mine enemy type.
  • Add some random obstical generation to the map.
  • Create the "Mine" enemy type, This could be fun.

    Tomorrows plan:

    • Create some Tron like textures for the terrain.
    • Add a system to populate the level with a bunch of enemies around the map.
    • Add some dummy sounds.
    • Improve the sub player attraction system.
    • Add a picture of the game to the journal entry :)
    • replace all the __debugbreak calls with error logging/handling
    • Upload a beta version for testing ( May not have enough time to do this )

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