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Week of Awesome III, Part 4: Throwing bones

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This has been day 4. The midway point has been passed and everything seems to be on schedule. I don't think I'll be able to create as much levels as I originally wanted to make but we'll see. Right now it's only the tutorial level anyway.

One of the things I implemented today are fade-ins and fade-outs. It's a relatively a minor thing but it does make the game feel much more professional.

Another graphical feature is that I've animated the protagonist. When he walk his feet walk move back and forth and his arms will rotate. Also when reclaiming the lost lives, so that the player can create bone piles again, the character will wave his hands above his head. It looks a bit silly, as if he's screaming while running away.

The main gameplay feature I've implemented though, is the ability to pickup and drop/throw bone piles the player leaves behind when he gets hit. Implementing this took three tries, because Box2D didn't want to cooperate. I'll spare you the details because I don't want to whine. The thing is, I need to disable collision between the player and the bone piles he picks up. Otherwise the bone pillar will keep pushing the player while the bone pile tries to position itself above the player's head. This has hilarious results when the player tries to pickup a bone pile when they are standing on it; they are launched into space!

Anyway, I'm off to look for some music. The game could really use some to add some atmosphere.

Oh and before I forget, here is the latest build:
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intersting. I think there is a bug with reclaiming your bones though, after jumping usually the second tombstone, recalling my bones seems to be inconsistant. i'm pressing up and my arms shoot up but the bones move to no avail, eventually it seems to randomly work after awhile.

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Thanks for mentioning that slicer. It's not a bug, I just made it so you can only recall the bones when you are near a checkpoint. I was wondering if people would figure this out on their own. Guess not. So I will change the tutorial text to mention this. 

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Works nicely here (AMD though). The texts on the graves are a bit hard to read, I didn't notice that they have the instructions on the first run.

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