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Engine Update - Frustum Culling, multiple subsets

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Paul C Skertich


Today I got around to adding loading multiple sub meshes and frustum culling. I'll be looking more in depth of occlusion culling and other culling techniques as in Octree Culling.


As for the Pillar Ball model I just quickly made it in 3DS Max without caring about unwrapping UVS. That's why you get that awful stretch. I'll be working on having each texture has it's seperate sampler and each shader has it's own constant buffers.

As now it's every mesh has it's own constant buffers. Not every constant buffer is treated equally - bill board shouldn't have the static meshes constant buffer. Foliage shouldn't have the same constant buffer as billboard even know it's the billboard swaying inside the wind direction.

That's it for now.
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Octree culling always sounded to me as a bit of overkill.


As far as I know there isn't much "verticality" on games in general, and you're making all queries more complex just for that weird case where you're looking straight down or straight up and nothing is seen.


But thats just my armchair opinion. Haven't measured differences precisely.

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I'll be sure to measure performance details. Now I'm trying to get assimp animation working and apparently nothing is being rendered on screen. Has to do with the final bone transform matrix being a poopie. Once I get that working - I'll work on getting performance details out.

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